Olympen traningscenter offers a 400 sqm all-new gym. Our establishment is two floors and the gym is located on the upper one. It contains a large assortment of free weights, more than 20 weight-training machines, machines for exercising cardio as well as a space for stretch.


At Olympen träningscenter we work towards providing group workout classes for all regardless of your level of experience. Whether you are a beginner or experienced fitness person does not matter we have classes for all.

Among our wide assortment of classes you can choose between cardio and weight-training classes and you decide whether you would like to exercise during the morning hours, lunch or in the evening.

Our aim is that you should find a fitness routine suitable for you! So by all means, come join classes where you will be exercising together with well-educated instructors in a motivating group and environment.

Make sure you arrive before the class starts and inform your instructor if you are new and need help with the equipment, adjustments and so forth.

We are more than happy to help you!

Questions about the group workout acitivities, contact: grupp@vugi.nu

Please contact info@olympentraningscenter.se for more information about booking, trainingcard and membership.



At Olympen träningscenter you can exercise several different ball sports. At the recreational level you can play floorball, volleyball, basketball or soccer.

If you want more information about the activity or want to become leaders, contact us at: bollsport@vugi.nu, the facebook group “Vugi Ball Sports”.

Please contact info@olympentraningscenter.se for more information about booking, trainingcard and membership.

Badminton Courses are rented individually each time. Booking is made thorugh internet and payment is made in the reception. One person is responsible for the booking and needs to be a member of Olympen and VUGI.



We offer various sporting activities throughout the year. Among other things, we go on a ski trip, canoeing, climbing, diving, etc.

If you want more information about the activity contact us at: aventyr@vugi.nu.

Please contact info@olympentraningscenter.se for more information about booking and membership.





* Every other week
** C-Hall***OutdoorsWith reservation for changes
07:45 Yoga Soft 55 Elin08:00 Circle 55 Karin08:00 Spin Soft 45
07:45 Morning Cardio 55 Stefania07:45 Shifting Strength 55 Lina
08:10 Spin Interval 45 Helena08:45 Global Yoga Yin 55* Kajsa08:00 Spin 45 Lina S
08:45 Gobal Yoga 55 Kajsa
10:00 Shifting Strength/cardio/spin
11:00 Shifting Strength/cardio/spin
11:45 Yoga Flow 50 Helena12:00 Spin 45 Kim
16:00 Spin Hiphop/RnB 55 Behnaz
17;00 Pump 55 Isabell17:00 Abs 'n' ass Interval 55 Isabell
17:00 Abs 'n' ass 55 Isabell17:00 Shifting Strength/cardio/spin
17:10 Spin 45 Jenny17:05 Box 55** Fernando17:00 Poweryoga 55 Maja17:10 Spin 45 Fabian
17:30 Bootcamp 55** Fernando18:00 Pump 55 Lina18:00 Tabata 55 Lina18:00 HIIT 45 Rita17:30 Shifting Sophia
18:00 Afro 45 Niki18:10 Spin 45 Fabian18:10 Spin Tema 45 Isabell18:00 Running 55*** Lina S / Jackie18:00 Spin 45
Shifting Instructor
18:10 Spin 45 Isabell19:00 Zumba 55 Rita19:00 Pump 55 Lisa18:10 Spin Watt 50 Helena
18:50 Strength 55 Stefania19:10 Spin Watt 50 Behnaz19:10 Spin Watt interval 55 Lina S18:50 Functional 55 Niki
19:50 Poweryoga 55 Maja20:00 Yoga Flow 55 Elin

Class Descriptions Please note that some of these sessions aren’t available on the ordinary schedule. But they may appear in the varying classes “rullande pass”.

A class where the belly and butt in focus. Abdominal exercises are interspersed with butt / leg exercises. We use rubber bands, weights, boards, and their own body weight in choreographed songs, ending with stretch.

Abs’n’ass interval
Stomach and butt exercises interspersed primarily Tabata intervals (20-10). Pulse-pounding exercises like burpees are included in each interval with either abdominal exercises or butt / leg exercises. We use rubber bands, weights and your own body weight. Ends with stretch.

A martial art session in which you train both stamina, strength and endurance. You will use martial law and kicking techniques and a brief review of these prior to each exercise allows both beginners and experienced participants to train together during the whole class. During the class you will work with gloves and mits in meetings with the other participants. How hard the session will be is up to you, but you get the chance to really push yourself to the limit.

A class for those who want to strengthen and build up the inner body strength through strength, stability, balance and agility in a single class. Exercises are performed both on the floor and standing and improve your posture, balance and stability. The exercises are on a medium level and you can easily customize them to your own level if you want lighter or heavier resistance.

A core class where we use the pilates ball in most of the exercises. Because we are instable on the ball we need to use our core muscels through every exercise to be albe to keep our balance. This activity makes us work with both inner and outer core muscles.

Global Yoga
Global Yoga is a developing personal form of yoga adapted to the 2000s where human physical challenge interspersed with mental intentions. Global Yoga blends techniques from East to West. We use techniques of Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and Forrest Yoga. With these technologies built a class with precision and flow. Train smarter, not harder.

The classes are given in Swedish and Sanskrit.

Global Yoga Flow A flowing class that gives you both physical and mental challenges.

Global Yoga FLOW & GO A class that is perfect for you with a little less time. Balanced, warming playful flow with a little of each. The class starts with pranayama and ends in seated meditation.

Global Yin Yoga – A gentle, meditative yoga positions which are held between 3-5 minutes. The focus is on your Yindelar, joints, ligaments and connective tissue. Welcome to a moment where you are allowed to rest for yourself.

Global Yoga Soft – A soft and comfortable class focusing on soften and strengthen the rigid wince and shoulders. Suitable for beginners.

Global Power Yoga – Power is a class with power, agility and balance in the sequences where the body flowing and the physically challenged. This is a class for those who have Yoga before.

is an indoor cycling class. The class mainly increases the cardio because the major muscle groups of the legs are activated and is therefore the ultimate cardio class. During the class you get instructions to increase or decrease the resistance on the bike as well as if you should stand or sit on the saddle. We can guarantee a pulse-pounding workout where it is you who sets the bar. Each class has its own character which depends on the instructor.

Is a class that combines both cardio and strength workout. The class starts on the saddle where we during 30 minutes climb a mountain pass. When we are warm and have gotten the heart rate up it is time to move on to the group training ward where we continue with a strength part of 40 minutes. Focus is on the core muscles as we train the big muscle groups with the help of the body weight and weights. It is a good class for the ones who want to combine strength and cardio without having to think about coordination.

Is a class that combines both cardio and strength workout. The class starts on the saddle where we during 30 minutes climb a mountain pass. When we are warm and have gotten the heart rate up it is time to move on to the group training ward where we continue with a core part. The exercises are performed on the floor as well as standing and improve posture, balance and stability. The exercises are on a medium level which you can easily customize to your own level if your want the resistance to be lighter or heavier. This is a good glass for the ones who want to combine strength and cardio without having to think about coordination.

Is a strength class in where we focus on training the endurance of the muscles. We use barbells, rubber band and free weights as well as our body weights. We train all of the muscles in the body which provides maximum training in minimum time.

Is a class for everybody and gives you a work out that improves your strength, gives you toned muscles and increases your well-being.

Power yoga
Is a class described as a mixture of dynamic and powerful movements combined with meditative stretching. During the class your should try to keep the mind focused on your breathing, your body and your muscles. Agility and flexibility increases and you let go of stress and tension around the joints and muscles.

Spin / Core Ball
A combination pass where we will start with 25 minutes core ball with a focus on abdominal exercises but also some butt / leg and back occurs. We work with a core ball in Tabata intervals or choreographed songs. Then we move to the spinning room and drive 25 minutes pulse-pounding spinning. Ends with a stretch!

Spin / TRX Suspension
A combination pass where we will start with 25 minutes TRX suspension with a focus on upper body strength as well as the stake. We work mainly with the bands but also exercises with free weights and your own body weight can occur. We move then to the spinning room and drive 25 minutes pulse-pounding spinning. Ends with a stretch!

Step medel/Step medium
Is a cardio class with movements that are performed on a step. It is a workout where you work with medium advanced step combinations which are tied to a choreography. It strengthens your body, improves coordination and increases your cardio which makes you burn calories.

Styrka/Intervall Zumba ®
First and foremost Zumba is about having fun! It is a dance-fitness class where you learn to dance for example salsa, samba, Merengue, Reggaeton, Cumbia, Flamenco and Calypso. With the music a dynamic, exciting and efficient training is created. Every song has its own choreography based on simple dance steps. The mixture of  slow and fast rhythms gives you the ultimate interval class which increases the burning of fat and improves the cardio.

Tuesday 20.05-21.30Wednesday 21.15-22.40Tuesday 18.30-20.00 Monday 18.35-20.00Wednesday 17.10-18.05
Thursday 20.50-22.00Sunday 16.00-17.30Thursday 18.05-19.25Wednesday 19.45-21.10Friday 17.10-18.05
Sunday 20.05-21.05Sunday 17.35-19.00Thursday 19.30-20.45Saturday 11.00-12.00
5 courses. Book time & pay the fee at the reception no later than 15 minutes before the class starts.

We play in small claims 3 to 3. All are welcome regardless of previous experience. Take your stick and shoes and came down to Olympen Training Center! A limited number of floorball sticks can be borrowed.

We play at full level, or “half-plane” depending on how many people come to each session. All are welcome regardless of previous experience.

We play at full level 5 on 5, where teams take turns to face each other. All are welcome regardless of previous experience. Take your shoes and came down to Mount Olympus fitness center.

We play at full level 5 on 5, where teams take turns to face each other. All are welcome regardless of previous experience. Take your shoes and came down to Mount Olympus fitness center.




Rikhälsa – Kajsa Henningsson Swedish classic massage have a healing, prevention and relaxing effect. Massage Reduces tension and can help those who have problems with congestion in the muscles and joints as well as pain in the back, shoulders and neck. It has also a good effect on stress and headaches / migraines. A few exampel of treatments: * Massage 30min -For example treatment of back and neck. -Price 370 kr * Massage 50 min -The whole body, or just back and neck -Price 555 kr * Massage 80min -The whole body, With relaxation massage is especially recommended for Those with stress symptoms. – Price 810kr You can get the massage treatments at the Olympen fitness center or at your company. Members of Vugi / Olympus Fitness Center offers a 10% discount on individual massages If you have any questions contact Kajsa 0703 78 67 53 kajsa@rikhalsa.se www.rikhalsa.se


PHYSICAL THERAPY Campus Health & Teleborgs health center Leg. Physiotherapist Sari Jonsson Olympus Training Centrer collaborates with Campus Health & Teleborgs Healthcare center and has a reception at Olympen fitness center. You can get help with : *Assessment *Counselling *Pain relief such as acupuncture *Training program. Treatment : *Joint and muscle pain * Stress and stress -related disorders * You can get help with symptoms such as lumbago, torticollis and sprains . You put together with physiotherapist up an active treatment plan that is evaluated continuously. Active means that you as a patient are involved and take responsibility for your health Telephone hours : We have phone between the hours of 11:00 to 12:00 every weekday. 0470-58 67 99 PRICES Up to 20 years are visits to the physiotherapist for free. From 20 years cost the visit 100kr


PERSONAL TRAINING YOGA Kajsa Henningsson – Rikhälsa Global Certified Yoga Teacher For those who want to deepen your yoga on and off the mat. Personal training gives you new opportunities. Your yoga practicing adapted exclusively to your needs and your goals. It’s a great way to get started, but also for those with specific injuries or limitations and for those who want individual advice. Together, we tailor a program that we work with. You will receive guidance, support and encouragement to reach your full potential. PRICES Yoga Personal Training • 60min – 650kr • 5x60min – 2925kr • 10x60min – 5850kr CONTACT kajsa@rikhalsa.se 0703 78 67 53 www.rikhalsa.se


Weight Training Lars-Göran Power Lic. Personal trainer Tel : 076-2164069 Email: l-gs@live.se PRICES Personal Training in the gym • Individually 400 kr / hour, 5tim 1750 kr • Couple 250 kr / hour , 5tim 1100 kr Personal Training outdoors • Individually 350 kr / hour, 5tim 1500 kr • Couple 200 kr/ hour, 5tim 900 kr • Group at least 3 persons . 100 kr / hour Measurement of body composition 100 kr



Membership VUGI
Membership is mandatory for trainee members and paid to the Association Vugi once per fiscal year. A fiscal year is the period 1 July to 30 June.
Membership 200 kr
Membership Student (student certificate required)100 kr
Short term
Term Card fall 2017 period: August 15, 2017 - 15 januari 2018. The price changes depending on the period of training the card is purchased during the semester. Badminton is not included in our training cards to be paid separately at booking.
From 15 augFrom 15 sepFrom 15 octFrom 15 novFrom 15 dec
All activities1595 kr1295 kr995 kr680 kr420 kr
Gym & group1465 kr1165 kr870 kr570 kr400 kr
Group1095 kr885 kr675 kr430 kr300 kr
Gym1095 kr885 kr675 kr430 kr300 kr
Gym & ball (one choice)1295 kr1045 kr795 kr510 kr310 kr
Group & ball (one choice)1295 kr1045 kr795 kr510 kr310 kr
Ball (all)500 kr250 kr
Ball (one)300 kr150 kr
Full year
An annual pass is valid from the date you sign your workouts short and a year ahead.
All activities3245 kr
Gym & group2945 kr
Group2495 kr
Gym & ball (one choice)2695 kr
Group & ball (one choice)2695kr
Direct debit
 6 month12 month
All activities335 kr275 kr
Gym & group310 kr250 kr
Group280 kr230 kr
Gym280 kr230 kr
Other training cards
Monthly Gym and Group. 400 kr
Monthly Gym or Group. 300 kr
10 times the discount cards Group training (12 months)700 kr
One time training Gym / Group / Ball (non-membership)80 kr
Rent badminton / time (a membership required)80 kr
Deposit chip100 kr



1, Always log in with your personal access control chip in the customer kiosk at the entrance to the gym or in the entrance to the J House. 2, Perform in a way that does not interfere with other members. 3, Customize your sound level. 4, A try out for the first time take place only during reception hours and will be booked at the reception. 5, Only clean training shoes in the room. Training clothes should be appropriate and consist of the shirt / tank top / T-shirt and pants / shorts. Shirtless is not allowed. 6, It is not permitted for persons under 18 to be in the room without the agreement with Olympus Training Center personal. 7, All exercisers members must follow our general provisions as well as the association’s policy on alcohol, tobacco and doping. 8, Wipe away your sweat from the machinery and equipment with spray / wipes after use. Throw garbage and paper towels in the trash cans. Weights and other equipment should be added / hung back at the appropriate place after use.


1, Direct debit Period is 6 or 12 months, then transferred subscription to current contracts. For Direct Debit Mandate required a Swedish personal and Swedish personal bank account. The billing is done on the 27th of each month. Is this a holiday, takes charge next banking day before.Entry fee: At the time of enrollment in the reception paid days before the first charge in advance at the reception. Start: 1-15 th of the month due for the remaining days of the month in advance. Start: 16-31 th month paid the remaining days of the month + next month in advance. 2, Membership fee is a mandatory fee for exercising members to the association Vugi and an optional fee for the only members of the association. The fee is paid once / year of operation and the period for the fiscal year is from July 1 of the 30th of June. The membership fee is paid at the reception. 3, Change of subscription can only occur when upgrading the training card. Upgrading direct debit subscription with more activities can take place during the period. Switching to a subscription with a lower cost can only take place after the bonding time. Switch between the 1-19 th of the month changed the subscription immediately but is it changed between the 20-31 th of the month then the rate changed the following month. Changing the subscription takes place at the reception. 4, Termination Direct debit subscription can be terminated after the period. Direct debit subscription does a certain period and then a current agreement. Termination 1-19 th terminated with one month’s notice. 20-31 th ends on the last day of the following month. Dismissal is at the reception. 5, Transfer of a One year subscription prepaid card or direct debit subscription can be done to another person. This takes place at the reception and both current member and the new member must come to the reception. For the transfer will be an administrative charge of 200 SEK and the new member shall pay a new membership to the Association and deposit for entrance chip. 6, Doping Controls. Vugi is included in Swedish Sports Confederation, which has the right to conduct regular doping controls. 7, Return of entry chip can be made within 30 days after the expiry date. Payment is made only to the owner of the entry chip. 8,Freezing your training card can be done by direct debit subscriptions and season tickets and stand still period can be up to six months. Administrative costs 200kr (except for injury / illness / pregnancy medical certificate). If this happens during the period, the end date of the period postponed same length as freezing. Freezing takes place at the reception.



VUGI is a non-profit sports association that was created in 1968 when the university came to Växjö from Lund. The association’s activities has varied over the years and also been in various locations in Växjö, but since 1997, located in the house J, Olympen, at campus.

VUGI developed its activities significantly when Olympen Träningscenter opened September 1, 2010. The range of exercise classes in ball sports, group training and a gym and even increased the number of members from 500 to a maximum of 2500 people. In 2011, acclaimed SAIF (Swedish University Sports Federation) association’s work and appointed VUGI nationally for “Best association”.

VUGI has about 60 employees who are involved in committees and sections for gym, group training, ball sports and adventure. The board’s leadership and elected representatives of VUGI members. VUGI is a member association of the SAIF (Swedish University Sports Federation) and is subject to the Swedish Sports Confederation statutes. VUGI has always offered sports, but also has a long racing history, primarily in ball sports. The association has been represented by athletes in several series and Student Championships with fine performances. Between 2015 and 2016, is VUGI the organizer of the Student Championships, “Studentiaden” in five different sports.

Are you involved in Vugi? There are many interesting projects of the association of various kinds. Please contact us!







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Lör 10.00-13.00



Mån-Tors 05.00-23.00
Fre-Lör 05.00-22.00
Sön 05.00-23.00


Slottsallén, 23,
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